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Steve Henderson Solo Show at the Redtail Gallery, Sandpoint, ID

Peace by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Peace — Original Oil Painting by Steve Henderson

Steve Henderson’s paintings look great in a digital format; they are even more amazing viewing them in person. A collection of Steve’s work will be featured at a solo show in the Redtail Gallery, Oak and Sixth Street, in the Arts District of Sandpoint, Idaho.

The show begins Friday, June 21 and runs through Saturday, July 13, with an opening reception Friday, June 28 from 5:30 to 7:30.

Find Steve’s artwork in the following formats at the following links:

Manufacturers and retailers, license Steve’s art through Art Licensing.

Ideeli Solo Art Show — October 26-28

Join Steve Henderson Fine Art October 26-28 — Friday through Sunday —  at for an online solo show of Steve’s paintings in the Home Department. Steve is proud and honored to be showcasing his art at Ideeli, one of America’s fastest growing retailers. Hope to see you there!

Descent into Bryce Accepted to 6th Annual Paint the Parks Exhibition

Descent into Bryce  — original oil on canvas — 18 x 18 — is one of three paintings by Steve Henderson accepted to the 6th Annual Paint the Parks Competition. Featuring the work of some of America’s top representational painters, Paint the Parks celebrates the beauty of our country’s national park treasures.

Joining Descent into Bryce at the Paint the Parks Exhibition are Last Light in Zion and Eyrie, the latter which is also in the Top 50 of Artist and Illustrator Magazine’s Artist of the Year competition.

Descent into Bryce is available on the Steve Henderson Fine Art Website as signed, limited edition prints of varying sizes and prices, framed and unframed, and shipping is free.

Mesa Walk Featured on Barry Chappell’s Fine Art Showcase

Mesa Walk — sold on the Barry Chappell Fine Art Showcase.

Mesa Walk was featured and sold on Barry Chappell’s Fine Art Showcase, a division of Art and Coin TV. Steve is honored and pleased to have been invited to participate in Barry’s show, which features museum quality original art from fine artists throughout the world.

More of Steve’s work can be seen on the Steve Henderson Fine Art website.

Eyrie Advances to Artist and Illustrator Magazine’s “Fabulous Final 50 — Artist of the Year”

Eyrie just keeps racking up the accolades. Out of 4,000 entries to Artist and Illustrator Magazine’s Artist of the Year competition, Eyrie was selected by a panel of esteemed jurors to be in the Fabulous Final 50. Now, it’s up for the popular vote, and we would certainly appreciate yours.

You can vote for Eyrie by following this link — — and scrolling down to the tenth painting, Eyrie, and clicking “vote now” under Steve’s name.

Please consider passing on this link to your friends, family, and colleagues via word of mouth, Facebook, Google Plus, Linked In, Pinterest, and other social media sites you enjoy. On Twitter, if you incorporate

@aandimagazine #AOTY

into your Tweet, then Artists and Illustrators will retweet it to their followers. (The link takes your readers to the voting page). A sample Tweet would look like this:

Steve Henderson has been shortlisted for Artist of the Year! Vote for Eyrie @aandimagazine #AOTY

Voting closes October 23.

Thank you!

Eyrie Accepted to 6th Annual Paint the Parks Exhibition

Eyrie — accepted to the 6th annual Paint the Parks Exhibition

Eyrie joins Last Light in Zion and Descent into Bryce as accepted works to the 6th Annual National Paint the Parks Exhibition. Blue Ribbon was awarded Honorable Mention.

Eyrie, in addition to the original oil painting, 30 x 36, is available as a signed limited edition print at the Steve Henderson Fine Art website. Experience the exuberant sprite of the Grand Canyon.

October — at the 17th Annual Richard Schmid Fine Art Auction

October — original oil painting, 11 x 14, is on tap at the Richard Schmid National Fine Art Auction, September 2, 2012,  at the Rist Canyon, Colorado. You may bid online through the secure online bidding form in this following link —

More works by Steve are available at Steve Henderson Fine Art. Steve’s work is available for licensing at Art Licensing International and OC Designer Source.

Golden Sea — New Seascape Painting

Those of you who have read the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis are familiar with the third book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. While Golden Sea’s ship is no doubt smaller than the Dawn Treader, it traverses an ocean resplendent with light, color, and warmth — what Lewis verbally paints in the latter part of the book as the travelers approach Aslan’s country.

Golden Sea (original oil painting, 20 x 24) is also available as a framed miniature study, and will soon join the selection of signed, limited edition prints at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

To purchase, or inquire about this work or any of Steve’s paintings, please Contact Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Spirit of the Canyon Is a Grand View

The Canyon Nymph, whom we met initially in Eyrie, returns as The Spirit of the Canyon, original oil painting on canvas — 30 x 36 — by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Ebullient, exuberant, free — the elusive being flits from rock to path to wherever we encounter her next.

An Eyrie Is an Eagle’s Nest — as Well as a Gorgeous Painting

It is morning, in a high, beautiful place overlooking a canyon of grand, majestic proportions. A young woman — sylph-like — embraces the warmth and promise of a new day.

Eyrie — origninal oil on canvas, 30 x 36, by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Save the Date: July 2012 Steve will present a solo show of his latest work at the Lawrence Gallery, Sheridan, OR.

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