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“Beam Me Up, Scotty. Scotty? Scotty! Where Are You, Dammit?!”

Ebb Tide by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Scotty is on the Oregon Coast, entranced by an incredible tide pool, Ebb Tide.

Of course, this same scene could be on Planet X-18, Mark VII, Quadrant IV, or some other unexplored universal body mass. The question is, why would Commander Scott have gone down there in the first place, leaving behind his beloved dilithium crystals?

Obviously, the dilithium crystals are, as they always are, having some sort of problem. Perhaps they are burning out, or losing energy — whatever it is, they simply “canna take it anymore,” and Scotty transported himself, surreptitiously, to the planet surface below and to this incredible tide pool where all sorts of sea anemones and starfish and hermit crabs bustle and teem.¬† Surely, he thinks, there must be some crystals here, tucked away amongst the kelp gardens.

Scotty saw Ebb Tide, was mesmerized by it, knew he had to be in that place. What he really wants is the painting, but Ebb Tide is available here and now in the 21st century at Steve Henderson Fine Art Galleries, and Scotty is bound by space and time. If you are an ancestor of Scotty, it’s time to think seriously about purchasing Ebb Tide so that it can begin passing down your future family line, eventually hanging on the wall in the transporter room.

Star Trek’s Uhura Says: “Captain, I’m Frightened!”

Becalmed, Original Oil by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

As any viewer of the original Star Trek Series knows, Lt. Uhura has the disturbing tendency, when things get dicey, to announce breathlessly, “Captain, I’m . . . Frightened!”

What on earth is the man supposed to say to that? “Lieutenant, you’re . . . a Star Fleet officer!”

Of course, in the new Star Trek movie, the new Mr. Spock would be more than willing to work with the new Uhura on this, but the new Uhura would not be able to choke this line out.

New Uhura or old, the woman could use time in a stress free, quiet situation, enabling her to pause, reflect, and calm down. To this end, Becalmed is the place, and the state, in which Uhura needs to be.

Becalmed is available at Steve Henderson Fine Art Gallery.


And Would Mr. Spock Spend a Day Sailing on the Sound?

Al Fresco by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

If Captain’s House, were to catch Captain Kirk’s eye as a great place to live when he is not out conquering space, then Al Fresco is the craft that would call to Mr. Spock while the Vulcan is visiting his good friend.

Vulcans need time to themselves to realign their sense of logic and space, and an afternoon on Al Fresco would rejuvenate any man or Vulcan, and wouldn’t be such a bad thing for a Romulan or a Klingon to try, either. Perhaps the time on the water would calm them down, get rid of some of that latent anger.


Incandescence Glows at Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, MT

Incandescence, original oil by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Incandescence, a glowing color-infused landscape of the American West, shows at Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, MT, in conjunction with the gallery’s Invitational Autumn Miniature Show. The show opens Thursday, November 4, with fine artist Russell Chatham as guest artist.

Three of the Norwegian Artist’s works, Cascadia, Evening Shadows, and Sunday Morning, were accepted into the Miniature Show and will be showcased through the holiday season.

More artwork by the Norwegian Artist is available for view and sale at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.¬†Steve’s work is also available at Rive Gauche Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ and The Lawrence Galleries, Sheridan and Gleneden Beach, OR.

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