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Autumn Sail Accepted to International Exhibition at Mystic Seaport

Autumn Sail Original has been accepted to the 33rd Annual International Maritime Art Exhibition at Mystic Seaport, CT which begins September 22, 2012 and runs through December 31, 2012. The original is available for sale for $2400 — it can be purchased directly from the site for now, and you are more than welcome to contact us via  to arrange an interest-free payment plan.

In addition to the original, high quality, archival, signed limited edition prints are available — framed and unframed — in varying sizes and prices with shipping, as always, being free. Note Cards and an original, framed miniature study round out the options for this work.

And where is this place? The river is the great Columbia — the great natural highway to the Pacific Ocean — that borders between Oregon and Washington in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. The peaceful, sleepy town in the background is White Salmon, the day overcast yet still warm, the season autumn, and the feeling one of quiet contemplation on a weekend afternoon that belongs to you, just you, with no obligations, deadlines, unsolicited phone calls, or overflowing in-box, whether it’s on your desk or desktop.

Peace. Quiet. Space. Contentment.

Limited edition of 200 in each size of limited edition print on archival quality paper. Signed by the artist.

Small — 8 x 10 — $80

Small Framed — $180

Medium — 15 x 18 — $175

Medium Framed — $375

Autumn Sail is also available as

An original, framed oil painting  (20 x 24) for $2400

An original miniature study (5 x 7) for $250

A Note Card

Golden Sea — New Seascape Painting

Those of you who have read the Narnia Chronicles by C.S. Lewis are familiar with the third book, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader. While Golden Sea’s ship is no doubt smaller than the Dawn Treader, it traverses an ocean resplendent with light, color, and warmth — what Lewis verbally paints in the latter part of the book as the travelers approach Aslan’s country.

Golden Sea (original oil painting, 20 x 24) is also available as a framed miniature study, and will soon join the selection of signed, limited edition prints at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

To purchase, or inquire about this work or any of Steve’s paintings, please Contact Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Autumn Sail

The Columbia River Gorge — which looks a little different than it did in the early 19th century when Lewis and Clark made their famous expedition — serves as the border between Washington and Oregon. All along the river, sailors and windsurfers enjoy the challenging waters of the Columbia River — sometimes turbulent, sometimes deceptively calm.

Autumn Sail — original oil on canvas, 20 x 24 — is also available as an original, miniature study and as a signed, limited edition print of varying sizes and prices, beginning at $80.

Oregon Dreaming on a Coast That Outsplashes California

Coastline, by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Big movement happens in a small space in the Norwegian Artist’s Coastline, a 5×7 miniature headed to the 33rd Annual Sagebrush Art Festival, January 29 and 30 at the Running Y Ranch and Resort.

Benefiting the Exchange Club of Klamath Falls, the Sagebrush Art Festival features fine art from fine artists throughout California, Washington, and Oregon, and Steve’s works of the  Oregon Coast feature strongly in the collection of his works there.  Coastline joins 10 others for the festival.

The Norwegian Artist invites you to join the e-mail list for the once-a-month, short and informative, e-mail newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Dr. McCoy: “Dammit Spock! I’m a Doctor, Not a Physician, I mean, a Sailor!”

Zephyr by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Dr. McCoy seems like such a tense, stressed-out man, always on the verge of exploding. Perhaps if he sat down with a Mint Julep more often, feet propped on the table, his mind allowed to wander to those wonderful days with Nancy, the salt monster, he would be less likely to snap at Spock.

But then again, Spock, with his unflappable calm, no doubt brings out the worst in McCoy’s hot southern temper. This is the area, after all, that came up with Coke-batter-dipped, deep-fried peanut butter and bacon sandwiches. And sweet tea. McCoy’s battles with his emotions are nothing compared to his dietary challenges.

So the prescription for the good doctor is to forget that he is not a sailor and to spend the afternoon sailing, on a craft like Zephyr. Better yet, he should hire someone to sail Zephyr while he sits on the deck chair, in the sun, with the Mint Julep and memories of Nancy.

But of course the ultimate cure for  Doctor McCoy would be if an ancestor of his, say, in the early 21st century, purchased Zephyr through Steve Henderson Fine Art Galleries and passed it on down the family tree. Then Dr. McCoy could sit in his little white room with the pulsating heart sounds, sip his Mint Julep, and reflect on how he is “a doctor, dammit, not a painter!”


Star Trek’s Uhura Says: “Captain, I’m Frightened!”

Becalmed, Original Oil by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

As any viewer of the original Star Trek Series knows, Lt. Uhura has the disturbing tendency, when things get dicey, to announce breathlessly, “Captain, I’m . . . Frightened!”

What on earth is the man supposed to say to that? “Lieutenant, you’re . . . a Star Fleet officer!”

Of course, in the new Star Trek movie, the new Mr. Spock would be more than willing to work with the new Uhura on this, but the new Uhura would not be able to choke this line out.

New Uhura or old, the woman could use time in a stress free, quiet situation, enabling her to pause, reflect, and calm down. To this end, Becalmed is the place, and the state, in which Uhura needs to be.

Becalmed is available at Steve Henderson Fine Art Gallery.


And Would Mr. Spock Spend a Day Sailing on the Sound?

Al Fresco by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

If Captain’s House, were to catch Captain Kirk’s eye as a great place to live when he is not out conquering space, then Al Fresco is the craft that would call to Mr. Spock while the Vulcan is visiting his good friend.

Vulcans need time to themselves to realign their sense of logic and space, and an afternoon on Al Fresco would rejuvenate any man or Vulcan, and wouldn’t be such a bad thing for a Romulan or a Klingon to try, either. Perhaps the time on the water would calm them down, get rid of some of that latent anger.


Captain’s House Overlooks Ocean View at Coeur d’Alene Galleries, ID, National Miniatures by the Lake Show

Captain’s House — Original Oil by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Captain’s House is one of two works accepted into the National Miniatures by the Lake Show at Coeur d’Alene Galleries, Coeur d’Alene, ID. (For some mysterious reason, in the link to the gallery’s roster of artists, Steve’s name finds itself in non-alphabetical order between  Thomas English and Loren Entz. Odd. Norway isn’t that close to the United Kingdom.)

The Miniatures by the Lake Show features more than 140 works by 110 of the nation’s top Western, Sporting, Wildlife and Representational artists. All paintings are sold by fixed price draw, with the opening reception Friday, September 24, from 6 to 8 p.m.

Captain’s House will be exhibited at the gallery beginning September 10.

More artwork by the Norwegian Artist is available for view and sale at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.

Emerald City Twilight Wins Award of Merit at Coos Art Museum’s 17th Annual Maritime Exhibit

Emerald City Twilight by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art


Emerald City Twilight received an Award of Merit at the 17th Annual Maritime Exhibit at Coos Art Museum, Coos Bay, OR. One of 66 pieces in the exhibition, Emerald City Twilight was one of eight pieces to receive an award. Also in the show by the Norwegian Artist are Saturday and Otter Rock Beach

More works by the Norwegian Artist for view and for sale may  be seen on his website, Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.

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