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If you like the image but want a different saying, we can do that. Just follow the link on the image to the Steve Henderson Fine Art site.

If you like the image but want a different saying, we can do that. Just follow the link on the image to the Steve Henderson Fine Art site.

When things go wrong, generally the first thing we do is get mad. Now getting mad isn’t such a bad thing — the energy derived from it impels us to make changes and move forward, but if we stay in the angry state, we lose the very movement that got us going in the first place.

And sometimes, there’s no set person or establishment to get mad at — and we find ourselves being angry all the time.

So, why not laugh? Laugh at Life’s Challenges talks about this more in depth, and I invite you to visit another site of mine, This Woman Writes.

The Laugh at Life’s Challenges inspirational poster is available at Steve Henderson Fine Art — for $10.95 you can start an art collection. Each poster is available with the saying, without the saying, or, if you purchase 5 or more of the same image by contacting us to customize the order, you can add your own saying and pass around your wisdom to four other people.


Afternoon Tea poster -- Take Time for Tea by Steve Henderson

So who knew? January is National Hot Tea Month. Not the best time of year to have a parade, but it is a fine time to sit down to a hot cuppa.

Afternoon Tea — Take Time for Tea poster is a great way to celebrate tea all year long. 11 x 14 matte finish, $10.95 plus $2.99 shipping through Steve Henderson Fine Art. If you’re a coffee drinker and you want a gift for  your tea friends, this is a good idea.

Bold Innocence by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

She’s small, she’s brave, she doesn’t fully comprehend how big the world is, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. If we truly understood how difficult things could be, would we continue? If even, like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings movie, we could look into a magic pool of water and see what might, or might not be, would we choose to do so?

Bold Innocence captures the confidence and insecurity in all of us. The lesson we can grasp from little children is that, while they fully recognize that they are small and weak and helpless, this never stops them from thinking that they can do anything.

Bold Innocence is available through Steve Henderson Fine Art as a signed limited edition print, both in paper and as gallery wrapped canvas (no frame needed; it’s ready to hang on your wall straight out of the shipment box). Shipping is free, and 6 months interest-free financing is available through PayPal’s Bill Me Later program. Contact Us, and we’ll walk you through the purchase process.


Rejoice! Ocean Breeze poster

Agreed: the economy’s shaky, prices keep going up, it’s cold outside, and Downton Abbey takes the most surprising plot twists — but through all the bad times, there are good things for which to be grateful: sunlight, chirping birds, children laughing, hot chocolate.


The inspirational poster, Ocean Breeze — Rejoice! is available through Steve Henderson Fine Art for $10.95 plus $2.99 shipping. 11 x 14, matte finish.


Children are so small and easily overlooked — maybe that’s why they’re extra noisy.

As we set up our list of New Year’s Resolutions that we know we’re going to break within the next three months (or weeks, maybe days), why not come up with one that is worth keeping, and realistically able to be kept:

Stop. Look down. Listen. Smile. Hold out your hand to the small person in your life and walk together, talking about important things, like The Story of Peter Rabbit and Goodnight Moon.

Seaside Story Poster — The Least of These Is Great Indeed — 11 x 14, matte finish — $10.95 plus $2.99 shipping through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Beachside Diversions by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Innocence is beautiful, and it still exists. Steve Henderson’s master hand creates evocative places that draw us into a world of quiet, contemplation, meditation, and peace.

If your world is more tumultuous and troubled than you like, then surround yourself with images of the places where you would like to be. Go beyond what you can load onto your Android or iPhone, and add fine art to the walls of your home.

Beachside Diversions, available as an original oil painting, 36 x 30, and as a signed, limited edition print. Interest free financing available through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

When life becomes overwhelmingly complex and complicated — after a national election, say — then it’s time to focus on the small, simple things of life, because these are the ones that ultimately matter.

A child’s laugh, the feeling of her arms entwined around your neck as she snuggles as close as she physically can, a good story, companionship, the kiss of the breeze on your cheek — these small, eternal things are what make life worth waking up to each morning.

Seaside Story, which embodies this sense of peace and well being, is now available as a signed, limited edition print through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

An affordable means of owning fine art, Steve’s collection of signed, limited edition prints features landscapes, seascapes, and figurative work. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is available in a variety of sizes and prices, framed and unframed. Six-months interest free financing through PayPal and free shipping complete this attractive, affordable package.

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