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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Bold Innocence by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Fine is a fine gift for mom, and Bold Innocence is a reminder of the beauty and grace of children. No matter how old those children get, in a mother’s heart, there is a memory of that small, bold, innocent person. And while that irritates us as we’re growing up and growing away, it’s a comfort as well, knowing that Mom remembers a part of us that we could too easily forget.

Bold Innocence — the original painting — is sold. The image is available as a signed, limited edition print through Steve Henderson Fine Art, as well as an inspirational poster.

Bold Innocence is also available as an open edition print through Great Big Canvas.

Beachside Diversions — Signed Limited Edition Print

Beachside Diversions by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Innocence is beautiful, and it still exists. Steve Henderson’s master hand creates evocative places that draw us into a world of quiet, contemplation, meditation, and peace.

If your world is more tumultuous and troubled than you like, then surround yourself with images of the places where you would like to be. Go beyond what you can load onto your Android or iPhone, and add fine art to the walls of your home.

Beachside Diversions, available as an original oil painting, 36 x 30, and as a signed, limited edition print. Interest free financing available through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Reflection — New Figurative Painting

The puddle is wet and so is the paint — Reflection (original oil on canvas, 24 x 30) is just off the easel and ready for a new home. A framed miniature study of Reflection is also available for $250, with signed, limited edition prints to follow later in the season.

In Reflection, the innocent abandon of childhood and the contemplative musings of adulthood merge on a sunset beach, a quiet moment of beauty and joy.

At Steve Henderson Fine Art, we are committed to providing real art to real people for real prices, and we work with clients individually to make this happen. Please feel free to Contact Us through the website about the work you’ve had your eye on. Together, we’ll make it happen!

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