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“Oh, Mr. Spock, Is Your Shoulder Hurting? Do You Need a Back Rub?”

Daydreaming by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Poor Nurse Chapel. Not only does she work closely with the irascible, crabby, cranky, difficult yet soft-underneath-it-all Dr. McCoy, she has had the misfortune to fall in love with the hyper-emotionally controlled Mr. Spock. The only thing that she has going for her is Dr. McCoy’s  inability to notice his head nurse’s angst. After all, he is a doctor, not a therapist, dammit.

One wonders if all the time that Nurse Chapel spends Daydreaming affects her ability to do her job, but then one thinks, just what is Nurse Chapel’s job anyway? Dr. McCoy seems to solve all medical issues with those air shots of his, and Nurse Chapel spends her time hovering, almost mooning, but that word has changed meanings to where it verges on inappropriate. (Of course, given the length, or lack of it, of women’s uniforms on the original Star Trek series, perhaps “mooning” isn’t such an inaccurate description after all.)

It is a relief to know that, in real life, Majel Barrett, who played Nurse Chapel, was married to series creator Gene Roddenberry, who created the character expressly for his wife. This might possibly explain her frustrated romance with Spock; how different it all would have been if she had liked Captain Kirk, and he had liked her, and . . . enough said.

Daydreaming was sold at Mystic Seaport’s Maritime Art Museum.


Star Trek’s Uhura Says: “Captain, I’m Frightened!”

Becalmed, Original Oil by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

As any viewer of the original Star Trek Series knows, Lt. Uhura has the disturbing tendency, when things get dicey, to announce breathlessly, “Captain, I’m . . . Frightened!”

What on earth is the man supposed to say to that? “Lieutenant, you’re . . . a Star Fleet officer!”

Of course, in the new Star Trek movie, the new Mr. Spock would be more than willing to work with the new Uhura on this, but the new Uhura would not be able to choke this line out.

New Uhura or old, the woman could use time in a stress free, quiet situation, enabling her to pause, reflect, and calm down. To this end, Becalmed is the place, and the state, in which Uhura needs to be.

Becalmed is available at Steve Henderson Fine Art Gallery.


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