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Mother’s Day Gift Idea

Bold Innocence by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Fine is a fine gift for mom, and Bold Innocence is a reminder of the beauty and grace of children. No matter how old those children get, in a mother’s heart, there is a memory of that small, bold, innocent person. And while that irritates us as we’re growing up and growing away, it’s a comfort as well, knowing that Mom remembers a part of us that we could too easily forget.

Bold Innocence — the original painting — is sold. The image is available as a signed, limited edition print through Steve Henderson Fine Art, as well as an inspirational poster.

Bold Innocence is also available as an open edition print through Great Big Canvas.

Feeling Small and Helpless in a Big World?

Bold Innocence by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

She’s small, she’s brave, she doesn’t fully comprehend how big the world is, but maybe that’s not a bad thing. If we truly understood how difficult things could be, would we continue? If even, like Frodo in The Lord of the Rings movie, we could look into a magic pool of water and see what might, or might not be, would we choose to do so?

Bold Innocence captures the confidence and insecurity in all of us. The lesson we can grasp from little children is that, while they fully recognize that they are small and weak and helpless, this never stops them from thinking that they can do anything.

Bold Innocence is available through Steve Henderson Fine Art as a signed limited edition print, both in paper and as gallery wrapped canvas (no frame needed; it’s ready to hang on your wall straight out of the shipment box). Shipping is free, and 6 months interest-free financing is available through PayPal’s Bill Me Later program. Contact Us, and we’ll walk you through the purchase process.

Poster — The Least of These Is Great Indeed


Children are so small and easily overlooked — maybe that’s why they’re extra noisy.

As we set up our list of New Year’s Resolutions that we know we’re going to break within the next three months (or weeks, maybe days), why not come up with one that is worth keeping, and realistically able to be kept:

Stop. Look down. Listen. Smile. Hold out your hand to the small person in your life and walk together, talking about important things, like The Story of Peter Rabbit and Goodnight Moon.

Seaside Story Poster — The Least of These Is Great Indeed — 11 x 14, matte finish — $10.95 plus $2.99 shipping through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

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