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So Why Isn’t Bruce Willis Our Neighbor?

Red Hills, by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Rumors fly like frisbees in a small town, and¬†frisbee has it that, a few years ago, Bruce Willis was checking out the area just south of our little town as a possible venue for his daughter’s college education. Can you imagine how the desultory, sad little Parents’ Day festivities would have seen a surge of participation if Mr. Willis showed up to eat little crackers and crumbly goat cheese?

Perhaps it was all of the open space that scared Bruce off — although a man like this is not easily¬†deterred by stalks of wheat and herds of deer.

Given the amount of collateral damage done in Mr. Willis’ presence during his latest movie, Red, we should be grateful that the deal didn’t go through. Beautiful Red Hills like the ones in the Norwegian Artist’s painting would be literally red, blown up by a flying semi-truck hurtling through the air. Although everyone in the truck — such as Bruce and his co-horts, would escape unscathed, the truck, and the hills, would not.

You don’t have to be the well-heeled neighbor of Bruce Willis — or Mary Louise Parker, John Malkovich, or Morgan Freeman for that matter — to own a painting like Red Hills, because the paintings at Steve Henderson Fine Art are not only beautiful, they are affordable. Regular, every day people who do not drive flying, exploding semi-trucks, can own original, fine art.

Go for it. Check out the website; look at the paintings; write us about the ones you like and we’ll see what we can do about your owning one.

Talking Heads That Don’t Talk

Two of the New Models in the Studio at Steve Henderson Fine Art

I must say, if the Norwegian Artist ever decided to paint nudes, I would not mind these young women modeling for him. They are built — quite literally, actually — with clothes hanger frames for bodies, and a wardrobe culled from the closets and storage units around the studio and house.

While teaching a portraiture and drawing class at the Walla Walla Community College, the Norwegian Artist mused aloud (no pun intended, by the way) how wonderful a mannequin would be — a huge step beyond the grandchild’s pink ball that the N.A. painted white for the sphere-drawing exercise. The man has only to speak before the manager is on the move, and within a week the cosmetology department of the college was contacted and the heads were hunted down and secured.

We’re not used to our newest residents yet. Roxy the Dog wonders at these new studio inhabitants who look, but do not smell, like humans. The Son and Heir, closing up the studio for the night, was momentarily nonplussed by what he initially thought were late, silent visitors. In the morning, the Norwegian Artist was grateful that the Twilight Zone is not real, and that the mannequins did not move or paint anything during the night.

While the mannequins are not for sale, the Norwegian Artist’s artwork is, and it is available for view and purchase at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.

More of Steve’s work is available at Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, MT; Rive Gauche Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ; The Lawrence Galleries, Sheridan and Gleneden Beach, OR; and the Maritime Museum at Mystic Seaport, CT.

The Norwegian Artist invites you to join the e-mail list for the once-a-month, short and informative, e-mail newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art. He also invites you to explore the ongoing series of articles about purchasing online art from private artists, Purchasing a Painting over the Internet: Is It Safe? Buying a Painting Online: Make Sure That What You See Is What You Get, and Buying a Painting: How Do I Know That an Artwork is Good?

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