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Chimu — Thousand Year Old Pots and Pans

Chimu, a still life of pre-Columbian pottery of the Moche people of Trujillo, Peru, captures a sense of time and place.

Agatha Christie, in her 1951 novel, They Came to Baghdad, described life being made up of ordinary things, used by ordinary people. “This,” she wrote, “is what mattered.”

Spoken by a genius writer married to an archaeologist.

Peruvian Fishermen Attract Bicycling Norwegian Artist’s Eye

Peruvian Fishermen -- Original Oil by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

When the Norwegian Artist was in his twenties, he bicycled from Alaska to Argentina with a buddy; it took them two years. Along the way, he filled some 20 notebooks with writing and sketches, as well as took thousands of photographs — the latter all in slide form.

Years later, in his barn studio, the Norwegian Artist pulled out the slides and the notebooks and revisited the highlights of the journey. One of those highlights involved a group of Peruvian Fishermen working on their boats and taking a break from the heat of the day.

Peruvian Fishermen is sold.

More artwork by the Norwegian Artist is available for view and sale at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.

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