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“Beam Me Up, Scotty. Scotty? Scotty! Where Are You, Dammit?!”

Ebb Tide by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Scotty is on the Oregon Coast, entranced by an incredible tide pool, Ebb Tide.

Of course, this same scene could be on Planet X-18, Mark VII, Quadrant IV, or some other unexplored universal body mass. The question is, why would Commander Scott have gone down there in the first place, leaving behind his beloved dilithium crystals?

Obviously, the dilithium crystals are, as they always are, having some sort of problem. Perhaps they are burning out, or losing energy — whatever it is, they simply “canna take it anymore,” and Scotty transported himself, surreptitiously, to the planet surface below and to this incredible tide pool where all sorts of sea anemones and starfish and hermit crabs bustle and teem.  Surely, he thinks, there must be some crystals here, tucked away amongst the kelp gardens.

Scotty saw Ebb Tide, was mesmerized by it, knew he had to be in that place. What he really wants is the painting, but Ebb Tide is available here and now in the 21st century at Steve Henderson Fine Art Galleries, and Scotty is bound by space and time. If you are an ancestor of Scotty, it’s time to think seriously about purchasing Ebb Tide so that it can begin passing down your future family line, eventually hanging on the wall in the transporter room.

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