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Autumn Sail Accepted to International Exhibition at Mystic Seaport

Autumn Sail Original has been accepted to the 33rd Annual International Maritime Art Exhibition at Mystic Seaport, CT which begins September 22, 2012 and runs through December 31, 2012. The original is available for sale for $2400 — it can be purchased directly from the site for now, and you are more than welcome to contact us via  to arrange an interest-free payment plan.

In addition to the original, high quality, archival, signed limited edition prints are available — framed and unframed — in varying sizes and prices with shipping, as always, being free. Note Cards and an original, framed miniature study round out the options for this work.

And where is this place? The river is the great Columbia — the great natural highway to the Pacific Ocean — that borders between Oregon and Washington in the scenic Columbia River Gorge. The peaceful, sleepy town in the background is White Salmon, the day overcast yet still warm, the season autumn, and the feeling one of quiet contemplation on a weekend afternoon that belongs to you, just you, with no obligations, deadlines, unsolicited phone calls, or overflowing in-box, whether it’s on your desk or desktop.

Peace. Quiet. Space. Contentment.

Limited edition of 200 in each size of limited edition print on archival quality paper. Signed by the artist.

Small — 8 x 10 — $80

Small Framed — $180

Medium — 15 x 18 — $175

Medium Framed — $375

Autumn Sail is also available as

An original, framed oil painting  (20 x 24) for $2400

An original miniature study (5 x 7) for $250

A Note Card

Riverside Muse

Water — whether it’s flowing in a river, a stream, a brook, a canal, or along the coast — is conducive to thought, contemplation, and a sense of peace and quietude.

Riverside Muse, original watercolor painting, 24 x 20 on paper, framed, available at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Within Reach: A Sense of Peace, Quiet, and Contentment

Valley Stream, by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Much of what happens within our lives — and in the collective world around us — is disturbingly out of our control, but one of the gifts of life is that there are many little things that are within our element — from the profound — our very thoughts, hidden within the recesses of our soul — to the prosaic — which pair of socks we will wear, soup or sandwiches for lunch, the brand of laundry detergent.

Paintings on one’s wall are a means of controlling the sense of chaos around us, and we need only to walk into the room and catch their eye before our breath slows, becomes more regular, and we pause for thought.

Valley Stream is a tranquil site of hushed movement. The waterway wends its way gently into the background of trees and distant hills, and in contemplating the work, one can cast off the tension and strain of the day’s demands. The beauty of a well done painting is that it transports the viewer to a different time and a different place, without the need for actual physical displacement.

Valley Stream is available at Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, MT (Phone: (406) 862-3339), along with a number of other landscapes by the Norwegian Artist.

In addition to Steve’s works at Samarah Fine Art, more of the Norwegian Artist’s paintings are available for view and sale at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery. Rive Gauche Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ; The Lawrence Galleries, Sheridan and Gleneden Beach, OR; and the Maritime Museum at Mystic Seaport, CT.

The Norwegian Artist invites you to join the e-mail list for the once-a-month, short and informative, e-mail newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art. He also invites you to explore the ongoing series of articles about purchasing online art from private artists, Purchasing a Painting over the Internet: Is It Safe? Buying a Painting Online: Make Sure That What You See Is What You Get, and Buying a Painting: How Do I Know That an Artwork is Good?

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