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Autumn Sail

The Columbia River Gorge — which looks a little different than it did in the early 19th century when Lewis and Clark made their famous expedition — serves as the border between Washington and Oregon. All along the river, sailors and windsurfers enjoy the challenging waters of the Columbia River — sometimes turbulent, sometimes deceptively calm.

Autumn Sail — original oil on canvas, 20 x 24 — is also available as an original, miniature study and as a signed, limited edition print of varying sizes and prices, beginning at $80.

Riverside Muse

Water — whether it’s flowing in a river, a stream, a brook, a canal, or along the coast — is conducive to thought, contemplation, and a sense of peace and quietude.

Riverside Muse, original watercolor painting, 24 x 20 on paper, framed, available at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Shore Leave

Shore Leave by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Shore Leave captures a moment on the Columbia River, in the scenic Gorge that forms the border between Washington and Oregon. Available as an original through the Steve Henderson Fine Art website, it is also available for licensing purposes through OC Designer Source.

A 5×7 miniature study of Shore Leave is an affordable way to start or add to a collection of original art, and all Miniatures and Studies are framed and ready to hang, with free shipping from studio sales.

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