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Last Light in Zion

Last Light in Zion by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

It is just before sunset, and we are in Zion National Park, Utah. Not far away, crowds of people are still milling about, but one doesn’t have to walk far to leave them behind, even on the popular Emerald Pools trail.

The moment lasts just that — a moment — a moment of silence, a moment of being alone, a moment of the sun sending one last ray through a space in the rocks, lighting the trees and casting shadows into the shadows.

Last Light in Zion is an original oil painting by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art. 30 x 30 on canvas, framed, it is showing until May 19 in the National Paint the Parks Exhibition at Wildlife Experience in Parker, CO. After that, it will be featured at the Coutts Art Museum in El Dorado, KS.

In addition to being available as an original oil painting, Last Light in Zion is also available as an open edition art print at Great Big Canvas. It is available for licensing through Art Licensing, Vermont. Last Light in Zion is one of three paintings by Steve Henderson accepted to the 2012-2013 Paint the Parks Competition.


Jubilee by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

A dancer’s joyous movement is captured in mid-swirl in Jubilee, a 16 x 12 original oil painting by Steve Henderson. With the flaming bright red skirt of a flamenco dancer, Jubilee’s figure is set outside, in the Southwest, surrounded by the majestic rocks of a canyon.

Jubilee is available as an original oil painting through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Jubilee is also available at Great Big Canvas, as an open edition print.

Ocean Breeze

Ocean Breeze by Steve Henderson of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Emotional Realism — what is it? Ocean Breeze epitomizes this term by its strong color, warm tones, sense of freedom and joy. One can hear the surf and feel the breeze as a young woman lifts her arms to the setting sun of the Pacific Ocean. Or, are we on the opposite coast of North America, and she greets the rising sun of a new day?

Ocean Breeze is available in the following ways:

Fine art makes fine gifts.


Stonework, Original Oil on Canvas, 20 x 20, available through OC Designer Source. Available also for licensing through OC Designer Source.

Cascading like water, high altitude granite tumbles toward the viewer in an explosion of white tinged with pink, lavendar, yellow, and coral.

Steve Henderson Fine Art

Daydreaming Accepted to Mystic Seaport Maritime Museum

Daydreaming, 8×9 Oil on Panel, has been accepted to the 32nd Annual International Marine Art Exhibition at The Maritime Gallery at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT. The show begins September 24, 2011 and runs through November 13, 2011.

Soho Myriad Adds Steve Henderson to Repertoire of Artists


Soho Myriad, an art consulting firm that focuses on high-end hotels nationally and internationally, has signed Steve Henderson on to their exclusive cadre of artists. With offices in Atlanta, GA; Los Angeles, CA; and London, United Kingdom, Soho Myriad works on a worldwide project by project basis, selling original works of art for public spaces as well as publishing images for suites, corridors, and guestrooms of various projects.

If you are an establishment looking to incorporate fine artwork onto your walls, contact Soho Myriad and inquire about Steve’s portfolio, which includes landscapes, like Last Light in Zion (above), seascapes, still life and figurative work. You may also visit Steve Henderson Fine Art to view a selection of his work.

Opalescent Sea Accepted to National Touring Show — American Society of Marine Artists

Opalescent Sea, an up close and very personal view of the Pacific Ocean waves, has been accepted into the 15th Annual  American Society of Marine Artists National Traveling Art Exhibit.

From over 450 works, the jury of twenty ASMA Fellows picked 86 paintings and seven three-dimensional pieces, representing the very best work of the ASMA membership.

From October 17, 2011 to July 13, 2013, Opalescent Sea will tour 11 fine art museums nationwide, beginning at the Minnesota Marine Art Museum, Winona, MN.

Out of Africa

Out of Africa — a collection of mementos and curios from Dr. Donald  Lehmann, a microbiologist and noted researcher of tropical diseases.

Available at Steve Henderson Fine Art Galleries.

Snow Patrol and Their One Million Unanswered E-mails (Including Mine)

Let’s talk about YouTube.

Our youngest progeny, seeking to drag us kicking and screaming into the 21st century, set up a slide show of the Norwegian Artist’s works set to the Snow Patrol song, Chasing Cars — a song which College Girl and I listened to on repeat for 3 hours as we were driving through Central Washington — although, not knowing how to set the “repeat” button on the car CD player, we took turns hitting the “play again” button. (There is a reason why the Norwegian Artist and the Son and Heir do not like to take long trips with me or the female progeny.)

Back to the slide show. Looks incredible! The song and the paintings flow beautifully into one another.

However, before you head to YouTube to look for it, be aware that it is not there, because when we started to post it, we were alerted by all sets of dire warnings telling us that we were using a copyrighted song without permission, and that the YouTube people would scour the earth to run down this slide show and eliminate the music from it. We could, however, choose from their selection of approved songs, which included, interestingly, two elevator-music versions of Chasing Cars by people who were not Snow Patrol. (Apparently the people who used to stand in elevators and push the buttons for you are so under worked that they moonlight by converting existing songs with words into bland arrangements of musical notes uniquely suited to putting people to sleep — an organic pharmaceutical, so to speak).


So I wrote the Snow Patrol people, asking for permission to use the song, not realizing that these people’s e-mail box is inundated with even more messages than mine, the latter which is packed daily with minute -by-minute updates from a company with the same name as a giant, slow-moving South American river.

How is it, I ask Tired-of-Being-Youngest-Techno-Babe, that other people post slide shows of their beach weddings and children’s second birthday parties and third cousin’s piano recital (playing Chasing Cars) — set to copyrighted music and their shows move on, smoothly and without problem?

“They just do it,” she shrugs.

Me, I feel like Mannequin Mary in the featured photo, frozen in shock, unable to speak, wondering when Snow Patrol is going to answer my e-mail.

Until then, I suggest that you make up a slide show of your own: Go to Steve Henderson Fine Art LandscapesSeascapes, Figurative, or Sold (hit the link of your choice; I’ve set up the first page for you); next, start playing Snow Patrol’s Chasing Cars; while the song is playing, hit the right hand arrow to the right of the work; and voila! you have a slide show of Steve Henderson’s fine art original oil paintings!

So Why Isn’t Bruce Willis Our Neighbor?

Red Hills, by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

Rumors fly like frisbees in a small town, and frisbee has it that, a few years ago, Bruce Willis was checking out the area just south of our little town as a possible venue for his daughter’s college education. Can you imagine how the desultory, sad little Parents’ Day festivities would have seen a surge of participation if Mr. Willis showed up to eat little crackers and crumbly goat cheese?

Perhaps it was all of the open space that scared Bruce off — although a man like this is not easily deterred by stalks of wheat and herds of deer.

Given the amount of collateral damage done in Mr. Willis’ presence during his latest movie, Red, we should be grateful that the deal didn’t go through. Beautiful Red Hills like the ones in the Norwegian Artist’s painting would be literally red, blown up by a flying semi-truck hurtling through the air. Although everyone in the truck — such as Bruce and his co-horts, would escape unscathed, the truck, and the hills, would not.

You don’t have to be the well-heeled neighbor of Bruce Willis — or Mary Louise Parker, John Malkovich, or Morgan Freeman for that matter — to own a painting like Red Hills, because the paintings at Steve Henderson Fine Art are not only beautiful, they are affordable. Regular, every day people who do not drive flying, exploding semi-trucks, can own original, fine art.

Go for it. Check out the website; look at the paintings; write us about the ones you like and we’ll see what we can do about your owning one.

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