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Seaside Story — Signed, Limited Edition Print

When life becomes overwhelmingly complex and complicated — after a national election, say — then it’s time to focus on the small, simple things of life, because these are the ones that ultimately matter.

A child’s laugh, the feeling of her arms entwined around your neck as she snuggles as close as she physically can, a good story, companionship, the kiss of the breeze on your cheek — these small, eternal things are what make life worth waking up to each morning.

Seaside Story, which embodies this sense of peace and well being, is now available as a signed, limited edition print through Steve Henderson Fine Art.

An affordable means of owning fine art, Steve’s collection of signed, limited edition prints features landscapes, seascapes, and figurative work. Each print comes with a certificate of authenticity, and is available in a variety of sizes and prices, framed and unframed. Six-months interest free financing through PayPal and free shipping complete this attractive, affordable package.

Reflection — New Figurative Painting

The puddle is wet and so is the paint — Reflection (original oil on canvas, 24 x 30) is just off the easel and ready for a new home. A framed miniature study of Reflection is also available for $250, with signed, limited edition prints to follow later in the season.

In Reflection, the innocent abandon of childhood and the contemplative musings of adulthood merge on a sunset beach, a quiet moment of beauty and joy.

At Steve Henderson Fine Art, we are committed to providing real art to real people for real prices, and we work with clients individually to make this happen. Please feel free to Contact Us through the website about the work you’ve had your eye on. Together, we’ll make it happen!

Dandelions Have Their Moment in the Sun

Companion piece to Afternoon Tea, Dandelions finds us on a warm spring day, basking in the sun and the breeze, discovering the simplicity and beauty of nature’s most abundant flower. You don’t have to be a child, just a child at heart, to appreciate that glorious burst of yellow.

Dandelions, available as an original oil painting, miniature study, and note card, will soon join our line of limited edition, signed prints at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

Madonna and Child — A Timeless Classic

Madonna and Toddler by the Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson

For those under the age of 40, this time before Christmas might be a good time to mention that Madonna has been around for a long, long time; she isn’t British; she is not a pop singer; and she is doubtless one of the world’s best known mothers.

That being said, the Italian term Madonna, which was previously used as a form of address for a lady (now replaced by Signora), is one of those stretchy artistic terms that a painter can apply to a work of a mother and her child, usually the Virgin Mary and the Christ Child, but this being the 21st century, we find ourselves with freedom and flexibility to playfully play with words.

The setting for this portrait is the living salon of the Hughes House, an historical Victorian era home on the southern Oregon Coast. Where this modern mother and her rambunctious child now enjoy a moment of peace and temporary quiet, a large  Irish family of dairy farmers once settled in for an evening’s rest by the light of a kerosene lamp and a coal fire.

Life marches on. Mothers hold their children. Children grow up and have children of their own. The bond between parent and child passes from generation to generation.

Madonna and Toddler is available through the artist at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery.

Through the holiday season and into the new year, Steve’s works are in special shows at Samarah Fine Art, Whitefish, MT; Planet Bronze Gallery’s Holiday Miniature show, Bozeman, MT; the Maritime Museum at Mystic Seaport, Mystic, CT; and Rive Gauche Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ.

More original artwork by the Norwegian Artist is available for view and sale at Steve Henderson Fine Art Online Gallery. Steve’s work is also available at Rive Gauche Galleries, Scottsdale, AZ and The Lawrence Galleries, Sheridan and Gleneden Beach, OR.

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